Excellent quality at highly competitive rates.

£180 per 8 hour day or £25 per hour. Engineer provided.

We will help with production and musical arrangement if requested (at no extra cost). Session musicians at negotiable rates.

Instrument/equipment hire at £5 per item per day.

We offer disc duplication at competitive rates. Please contact us for prices - dependent on number of copies required.

We offer special rates on duplication if you recorded with us.

Cover design and printing is also available on request.

Audio Transfer Service

Bring in your projects for mastering or hire our control room if you wish to bring in your own sound engineer.

We can edit and remix recordings done elsewhere if you have the files.

This is charged at the same rate as recording.

Do you have old cassette tapes or other formats you would like transferred to CD?

We can often 'clean up' the audio prior to transfer and enhance or even repair the content.

Basic hourly rate applies.