We are primarily a music recording studio and can produce anything from a demo to a full album. We also have the facilities and experience to handle projects ranging from backing tracks to voice-overs.

We can transfer and enhance audio material from cassette tape/minidisc and other media to digital formats.

We offer a mastering service as well as disc duplication and cover artwork.

Our Services
Our People

Alan, our ex-BBC producer/engineer, has a track record of composition and performance in music for film, theatre and TV. Currently building a library of incidental music and soundtrack material.


Our musicians have written and produced a variety of content from radio jingles to film-scores.

We have a selection of accomplished and versatile session musicians and vocalists available for hire.

We aim to produce exceptional recordings irrespective of genre.

We want you to sound great - whether you're recording the delicate, natural acoustic tones of traditional folk or the sledgehammer blows of Death Metal, we can accommodate your requirements.

Call us and arrange a visit - we're happy to show you around.

Our Aim

Recording, Production and Rehearsal